Kangzhe was Granted “Headquarter Enterprise of Nanshan District” by People∮s Government of Nanshan District

Company News

To optimize the economic structure of the district, strive to develop the economy of headquarters and further encourage excellent enterprises to play an exemplary and leading role, People∮s Government of Nanshan District decided to grant Shenzhen Kang Zhe and another 51 companies "Headquarter Enterprise of Nanshan District" after a comprehensive evaluation, and the awardees will enjoy supporting policies of People∮s Government of Nanshan District.

The honor “Headquarter Enterprise of Nanshan District” serves CMS as an recognition of leading medicine service providing company based in China, and it`s also a praise on CMS`s outstanding contribution to the prosperity of Nanshan district due to its continued increasing sales performance. Moreover, it`s also a catalyst to develop CMS as an enterprise group with core technology, independent intellectual property rights, self-owned brands as well as strong competitiveness.