We collaborate with global R&D companies in multi-dimensional structures to jointly build a pharmaceutical ecosystem in a sustainable and collaborative setting for the benefit of all stakeholders

With 30+ years of experience collaborating with global biotech, biopharmaceutical and big pharmaceutical companies, CMS has built a deep reputation as a highly regarded strategic partner.

CMS offers ——

Flexible, open, mutually beneficial collaboration structures

Equity investment, asset acquisition, license-in, collaborative R&D, etc.

Cutting-edge insights into clinical demands

With extensive expert networks and deep market knowledge, CMS is able to identify and explore the unmet clinical needs

Capital support and investment

We have strong profitability and capital strength. The CAGRs of our sales and net profit were >20% for the past 15 years (2008-2022), with ROE maintaining >20% for 15 consecutive years. In 2022, our sales* reached RMB10.50 billion and net profit reached RMB3.28 billion

Strict standards of compliance and business ethics

Our compliance control system covers all aspects of operation to an international standard. CMS has built a culture that recognizes the importance of, and upholds the reputation of our collaborative partners

Highly structured teams for clinical development and registration affairs

With experienced clinical and regulatory affairs teams, CMS has a depth of expertise to efficiently and expeditiously promote the clinical development and registration of products

Well-established, efficient and compliant process for commercialization

With 4,300+ professional marketing/promotion related personnel, CMS can provide access to 50,000+ hospitals/medical institutions and 200,000+ drugstores, accelerating the commercialization of innovative medicines

*In the case that all medicines were directly sold by the Group

CMS looks for partners that share the following attributes:


Possession of first-in-class or globally innovative approaches.


Complimentarity with regards to our current therapeutic area, or a platform asset for a new therapeutic area.


We are willing to understand and evaluate innovative products at all stages, from early/pre-IND to marketed products.

We are looking for more partners

If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact our Business Development Department


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