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Business Introduction

CMS has been deeply engaged in the Chinese pharmaceutical market for 30 years, and has always maintained its patient-centered philosophy. We are dedicated to providing competitive products and services that enable the more effective diagnosis and treatment, whilst enhancing clinical practice to the ultimate benefit of the patient.

We have built three major business segments: cardio-cerebrovascular and gastroenterology, dermatology and medical aesthetics, and ophthalmology. These divisions are run as independent business units, driving growth and cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit, whilst allowing them to benefit from the scale advantages and operational efficiencies inherent with being part of a larger group and empowering the divisions to gain leading positions in specialty markets.

We have a mature commercialization platform that is compliant with international standards, efficient, fosters resource-sharing among teams, includes a professional and highly qualified promotion team with strong execution capability, and extensive channel resources as well as a wide range of expert networks in specialty fields. This creates deep insights into clinical needs and deep experience in market access, academic promotion, government affairs and brand building, allowing CMS to build a long track-record of developing market-leading positions for a number of products.

We have accelerated the development in Southeast Asian markets. Independently operated by a professional and experienced local management team, CMS Southeast Asia business division is gradually building a systematic and platform-based operation system integrating “product introduction, developing, manufacturing, preparation CDMO, marketing and promotion”, opening up a new second growth curve for the Group.

Based on our commercialization platform and deep market understanding, we have deployed differentiated innovative products globally and efficiently promoted clinical development and commercialization of the products, so as to benefit patients.


Professional Academic Promotion Personnel

Chinese Hospitals/Medical Institutions Covered in Sales Network
Chinese Drugstores Covered in Sales Network

*As at 31 December 2023

Cardio-cerebrovascular and Gastroenterology Business


Focusing on life-threatening and chronic diseases in the cardio-cerebrovascular and gastrointestinal fields to safeguard the lives of patients

Dermatology and Medical Aesthetic Business


Building a professional dermatology and medical aesthetic product matrix with scientific mindset, to fulfil consumers’ diverse needs for skin health and aesthetics

Ophthalmology Business


Identifying, developing and commercializing urgently needed ophthalmic medicines and devices, to enhance the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and drive bio-technology breakthrough in the ophthalmology field

healthcare business


A one-stop platform promoting a highly cooperative and mutually beneficial bio-pharmaceutical ecosystem in SEA


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Major Marketed Products

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