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As an emerging economy with promising potential, the Southeast Asian market has a relatively rapid economic development, considerable demographic dividend, sound business atmosphere, and a series of favorable policies supporting the industry, thus the development of its healthcare industry has shown vigorous vitality. Within 30 years of global investment and acquisition experience, proven commercialization capabilities, and deep insight into business opportunities, the Group’s Southeast Asia(SEA) business,“Rxilient Health” is building a professional and experienced local core management team in SEA that can quickly take root in the local market. Relying on first-mover advantages, Rxilient Health is gradually building a systematic and platform-based operation structure that covers “product introduction,developing, manufacturing, preparation CDMO, marketing and promotion”, striving to becoming a “bridgehead” to enter the SEA market for global pharmaceutical companies.

Marketed Products

EyeOP1 Glaucoma Treatment Device

Glaucoma with intraocular pressure cannot be controlled by drugs and surgery


Combizym (Oryz-Aspergillus Enzyme and Pancreatin Tablets)

For treatment of dyspepsia caused by reduction of digestive enzymes

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