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A platform company
Linking pharmaceutical innovation and
commercialization with strong product
lifecycle management capability
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Committed to building a pharmaceutical
ecosystem focused on delivering solutions in
an open and collaborative setting for
the benefit of all stakeholders
To fulfill unmet clinical needs
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Providing competitive
products and services
To enable the more effective diagnosis
and treatment, whilst enhancing clinical
practice to the ultimate benefit of the patient
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Bio-technology incubation platform

Focusing on unmet clinical needs, we collaborate with global biotech/biopharma to jointly develop first- or best-in-class innovative products. 




Commercialization platform

Adhering to the patient-centered philosophy, we are dedicated to providing competitive products and services that enable the more effective diagnosis and treatment, whilst enhancing clinical practice to the ultimate benefit of the patient.



and gastroenterology

and medical aesthetic


Southeast Asia Business



China Medical System: New Drug Application of Desidustat Tablets Accepted in China

Desidustat Tablets are novel, oral HIF-PHI for treating anaemia in non-dialysis adultchronic kidney disease patients. The Product is administrated orally, thus expecting to improve the treatment compliance of patients and to meet the unmet treatment needs in the field of CKD anaemia, including both dialysis and non-dialysis patients. China Phase III trial of the Product has demonstrated positive results.The primary endpoint has indicated that Desidustat is more effective than placebo in increasing Hb level. Currently, 4 innovative drugs of CMS have entered intocommercialization  Meanwhile, continuous advance of products’ clinical development and registration process such as Desidustat Tablets is expected to enrich the Group’s marketed innovative product portfolio, and generate new driving force to the Group’s sustainable and healthy development.   China Medical System Holdings Limited (“CMS” or the “Group”) is pleased to announce that on 22 April 2024, the New Drug Application (NDA) of Desidustat Tablets  (“Desidustat Tablets” or the “Product”) has been accepted by the National Medical Products […]



We collaborate with global innovative companies in flexible structures to jointly build a pharmaceutical ecosystem in a sustainable and collaborative setting for the benefit of all stakeholders.


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