Identifying, developing and commercializing urgently needed ophthalmic medicines and devices, to enhance the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and drive bio-technology breakthrough in the ophthalmology field

A large number of patients suffer from eye diseases in China. With population growth and aging, the burden of eye diseases is increasing significantly. Based on professional ophthalmic product portfolio, extensive expert and channel resources, CMS’ ophthalmology business (“CMS Vision”) focuses on identification, development and commercialization of urgent needed ophthalmic diagnosis and treatment, to accelerate development of innovative technologies in the ophthalmology field.

Ophthalmology Line

EyeOP1 Glaucoma Treatment Device

Glaucoma with intraocular pressure cannot be controlled by drugs and surgery


Augentropfen Stulln Mono (Esculin and Digitalisglycosides Eye Drops)

- Senile macula degeneration
- All forms of asthenopia i.e. symptoms of fatigue of muscular, nervous or accommodative origin

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