The 4th China Severe Cardiac Disease Conference—-Heart Failure Committee:BNP and Treatment of Heart Failure

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The 4th China Severe Cardiac Disease conference was successfully held in Beijing on June 12-14.The theme of the conference was “Science Changes Severe Cardiac Disease”, the academic content of this conference was rich and wonderful, over 3000 peers from severe cardiac disease field registered and participated in this conference.

Heart failure is the core topic of severe cardiac disease.In the chapter of heart failure, we specially set up two content of academic report for Xinhuosu. Professor Zhang Jian from Fu Wai Hospital gave a speech of “BNP and Heart Failure——From Theory to Practice”. Professor Xu Dingli from Nanfang Hospital shared variety of prevention and treatment strategies to patients with heart failure diuretic resistance. Experts attending the meeting all spoke highly of the speech contents, elaborated ideas, and treatment programs of the two speakers.

The conference was a colorful, high-level, high-quality academic event which not only provided a platform for experts to communicate and make academic exchanges, but also provided opportunities for them to learn from each other and made the experts have deeper understandings of rhBNP in treating heart failure.