【Destiny Pharma-Product XF-73】Independent review supports the potential of XF-73 to address antimicrobial resistance

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4th May, 2020 – Destiny Pharma issued an announcement, which is summarized as follows: 

Publication in peer-reviewed journal ‘suggests that Staphylococcus aureus, including MRSA, has low potential to evolve resistance to XF-73 relative to antibiotics’

Destiny Pharma notes the publication of a new paper in Trends in Microbiology, entitled: “Assessing the potential for Staphylococcus aureus to evolve resistance to XF-73”1. The author, from the University of Oxford, concludes that data published to date support the unique target profile of XF-73 and its potential to address the threat of AMR.

The review looked at data from a number of established microbiology models that were used to evaluate the action of XF-73 in killing S. aureus that were carried out previously by Destiny Pharma. The paper concluded that the available evidence suggests that S. aureus has low potential to evolve resistance to XF-73 relative to antibiotics. This conclusion supports the company’s own view that XF-73 has a unique resistance profile due to its novel, ultra-fast mechanism of action that is a key advantage compared to typical antibiotics.

Professor Maclean, the paper’s author, is a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow and Professor of Evolution and Microbiology at the University of Oxford. Research in the MacLean lab is focused on understanding the evolutionary biology of antibiotic resistance in pathogenic bacteria such as S. aureus.

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