【Gelesis-Product Plenity】Gelesis Presents Three Poster Presentations at ObesityWeek 2020

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3rd November,
2020 – Gelesis released a piece of news, which is summarized as follows: 

data show that pre-diabetes and impaired beta cell function were associated
with a dysfunctional gut barrier, a potential precursor to metabolic diseases

analysis of the company’s pivotal GLOW study suggests fasting plasma glucose
levels and insulin resistance could be strong predictors of weight loss with

in-vitro beverage interaction study finds that Plenity’s hydrogel maintained
its properties in the presence of alcoholic or acidic drinks

Gelesis announced the
release of three poster presentations at ObesityWeek® 2020, the
annual congress of The Obesity Society, including:

– For the first time,
to the authors’ knowledge, new data shows that impaired beta cell function was
associated with a dysfunctional gut barrier, a potential precursor to metabolic

– Post-hoc analysis,
utilizing a novel statistical approach, of Gelesis’ pivotal GLOW study suggests
a connection between weight loss and glycemic biomarkers; and

– An examination of the
interaction between a variety of beverages and Plenity, an oral, non-systemic
treatment cleared by the FDA as an aid for weight management in adults with a
BMI of 25–40 kg/m2, when used in conjunction with diet and exercise.

“This work presented
at ObesityWeek highlights the interplay between the loss of intestinal barrier
integrity and early beta-cell function, adding to the increased focus of the
gut-pancreatic axis and its critical role on metabolic health,” said Paresh
Dandona, MD, PhD, Distinguished Professor in the Department of Medicine, Jacobs
School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at SUNY Buffalo. “Gelesis is leading
the field of research for intestinal barrier health with its hydrogel
technology, with the goal of becoming a frontline treatment approach that targets
the complex gut-host interaction.”

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Gelesis Presents Three Poster Presentations at ObesityWeek® 2020