【Helius Medical Technologies-Product PoNS】Helius Medical Technologies, Inc. Announces the Expansion to a Total of 27 Authorized PoNS Treatment? Clinic Locations Across Canada

Partner News

4th November,
2020 – Helius Medical
Technologies released a piece of
news, which is summarized as follows: 

Helius Medical
Technologies, Inc. today announced that the Company has expanded its authorized
clinic network to a total of 27 Authorized PoNS Treatment? Clinic locations
spanning across Canada. The expansion reflects the Company’s mission to provide
access to PoNS Treatment for all individuals experiencing gait deficit due to
mild and moderate symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) and balance deficit due
to mild-to-moderate traumatic brain injury (mmTBI).

“The expansion to 27
locations across Canada reflects our strategy to target providers in Ontario
that have an established commercial focus on neurorehabilitation, existing
referral networks with other medical facilities for treating patients with
neurological conditions and well-established payor relationships for insurance
reimbursement,” said Dane Andreeff, Interim President and CEO of Helius. “By
continuing the execution of our commercial strategy in Canada, we look forward
to expanding access to PoNS Treatment and ensuring its successful adoption as
the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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