【Gelesis】Clinical data presented by Gelesis demonstrates weight loss with GS200 in adults with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes

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May 4th, 2022, Gelesis issued a press release, which is summarized as follows:

At the European Congress on Obesity 2022, Gelesis presented results from the LIGHT-UP clinical trial for adults with overweight or obesity who have prediabetes or type 2 diabetes and were treated with either GS200 or placebo. Approximately 6 out of 10 adults treated with GS200 achieved clinically meaningful response to treatment (achieving at least 5% body weight loss), losing on average 11% of their body weight (~23 pounds) and an average reduction of 5.5 inches off their waist circumference. Approximately 1 out of 3 GS200-treated adults were super responders, losing at least 10% of their body weight and on average losing 13% (~30 pounds), or 7 inches off their waist circumference. The overall incidence of adverse events (AEs) in adults treated with GS200 was similar to the incidence of AEs in the placebo group.

These data show that GS200 produces clinically meaningful weight loss for the majority of patients and that its possible to identify these responders early in treatment. Given the highly attractive safety and tolerability profile, GS200 has the potential to become an exciting new therapy, especially among those in the lower spectrum of excess weight who also have prediabetes or type 2 diabetes.” said Chief Medical Officer of Gelesis.

About Gelesis LIGHT-UP Clinical Study

The multicenter, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study enrolled 254 subjects and was designed to assess the change in body weight in adults with overweight or obesity, who have prediabetes or diabetes, after six months of treatment with a new oral superabsorbent hydrogel (GS200) or placebo. The study met both of its primary endpoints: the proportion of participants who achieved at least 5% body weight loss and the change in body weight after six months of therapy.

About GS200

GS200 is a non-systemic, superabsorbent hydrogel in development for the treatment of obesity and for glycemic control. It is made by utilizing the same proprietary hydrogel platform technology Gelesis developed for its previously FDA cleared product, GS100 (Plenity®). Like GS100, GS200 is made from naturally derived cross-linked modified cellulose, however with a higher molecular weight. GS200 was designed to hydrate faster and create a higher elastic response in the GI tract compared with GS100.

Original website link: https://ir.gelesis.com/news/news-details/2022/Clinical-Data-Presented-at-the-European-Congress-on-Obesity-2022-Demonstrates-Weight-Loss-With-GS200-in-Adults-With-Prediabetes-and-Type-2-Diabetes/default.aspx