【Gelesis】Gelesis Announces Additional $15 Million Pre-Order for Plenity

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June 21, 2022, Gelesis issued a press release, which is summarized as follows:

Gelesis announced that Ro, a rapidly growing U.S. direct-to-patient healthcare company, has placed a $15 million pre-paid order for product Plenity, bringing total pre-paid orders from Ro for Plenity to $55 Million.

Gelesis launched the first wave of its national broad awareness media campaign for Plenity on January 31, 2022. Since the broad consumer launch, Plenity has become one of the most sought-after offerings on Ros platform. After a consultation with a licensed healthcare provider, if they qualify, individuals can be approved for a prescription within 24 hours. The treatment is then shipped directly to their home and arrives within 2 days, at $98 for a 28-day supply.

Following the launch of the campaign, the number of individuals seeking a new prescription increased 140% during the first quarter to reach record highs. The company reported $7.5 million in net product revenue in the first quarter of 2022, a 142% increase over the first quarter 2021. Gelesis has also reported growth in the more traditional healthcare provider (HCP) channel following the launch of the campaign and the company expects consumer demand to continue to drive uptake. Notably 40-50% of these HCP prescriptions were requested by the consumer (the companys baseline before the media campaign began was 25%).

Plenity has the largest addressable market of any prescription weight management approach, and 150 million American adults could qualify for treatment, including the tens of millions of Americans with a BMI between 25 and 30 who generally do not qualify for other prescription weight loss treatments. About 70% of Plenity members had never tried a prescription weight management product before, indicating Plenity is bringing new people into the category of prescription weight management products.

Original website Link: https://www.gelesis.com/2022/06/21/gelesis-announces-additional-15-million-pre-order-for-plenity-bringing-total-pre-paid-orders-from-ro-for-plenity-to-55-million/