【Midatech Pharma – MTX110】Orphan Designation Granted by EMA to MTX110 Development for the Treatment of Glioma

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June 21 2022- Midatech Pharma issued a press release, which is summarized as follows

Midatech Pharma announced that its development programme of MTX110 for the treatment of glioma has been granted Orphan Medicinal Product designation by the European Medicines Agency (“EMA”).

Orphan designation is granted by the EMA to medicines that meet pre-specified criteria, including treatment of a life-threatening condition and prevalence of no more than 5 in 10,000 in the EU. The designation is intended to offer a range of incentives that facilitate development of the medicine, such as protocol development assistance, reduction in fees and market exclusivity upon successful approval of the drug.

Commenting, Dmitry Zamoryakhin, CSO of Midatech, said: Both rGBM and DIPG are devastating and incurable cancers marked by short survival rates and universal recurrence. Receiving Orphan designation for MTX110 is an important milestone for the development of the drug, as it demonstrates the need for novel and effective treatment options for these fatal diseases and highlights a potential benefit that the development of MTX110 might bring to patients.

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