【Destiny Pharma-Product XF-73】Destiny Pharma Announces Start of a New XF-73 Research Programme

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5th July, 2022 Destiny Pharma issued an announcement, which is summarized as follows: 

Destiny Pharma today announces that it has started a new research programme. The research study will be conducted in the US by Oral Mucositis (OM) expert Professor Stephen Sonis and will investigate the potential of XF-73 as a preventive medicine to alleviate suffering from OM in patients receiving cancer treatment by testing its efficacy in the gold-standard model of OM.

The potential utility of XF-73 in this indication is due to the long-recognised association between the development of OM and changes in the oral microbiome. The unique antimicrobial properties of XF?73 have already been demonstrated in Phase 2 clinical trials. As well as having fast-acting antimicrobial activity and a novel mechanism of action, XF-73 has an excellent safety profile and a lack of systemic exposure which means that it is ideally suited for development as an innovative oral formulation to reduce the severity of OM.

Neil Clark, Chief Executive Officer of Destiny Pharma, added: Oral Mucositis is a very serious condition affecting millions of cancer patients across the world and is poorly treated by current products. A successful preventative product will save healthcare costs and improve patient care whilst supporting a stronger patient to complete their full course of treatment and thereby make a significant contribution to improved clinical outcomes. This new project utilises the unique profile of our XF platform in a new cancer related indication and we look forward to testing its potential in gold-standard OM models.

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