Xia Lei,Vice Governor of Nanshan District and Others Visited China Medical System

Company News

On the afternoon of July 7th, Xia Lei, Vice Governor of Nanshan District, Shenzhen, led a team to visit China Medical System (“CMS” or the “Group”) to learn about the Group’s business and development strategies, and to solve the problems the Group faced. Chen Yanling, Executive Director and Vice President of CMS, Jiang Qingfu, General Manager of Shenzhen Kangzhe, and Cao Yang, Director of Administration Department of CMS, received the visitors.

CMS is a platform company linking pharmaceutical innovation and commercialization with strong product lifecycle management capability. Capitalizing on its management ability in key R&D processes, efficient clinical execution, leading commercialization capability, compliant and efficient management system, and strong cash flow, CMS collaborates with global R&D forces and works to establish an innovative medicine transformation center in Shenzhen, which will foster transformation of scientific research into clinical practices, promote development of domestic innovative bio-technologies, and improve the accessibility of Chinese patients to global innovative medicines, benefiting patients.

Xia Lei said that as a leading biopharmaceutical company in Nanshan, CMS should develop its business with “one center and multiple nodes” to achieve sustained and better growth. Shenzhen recently issued the “20+8” industrial clusters policies that will further boost the development of biopharmaceutical, healthcare, and other industries in Shenzhen. Based on its core competitiveness, CMS will build an innovative medicine transformation platform and strengthen the industry-college-research collaboration with local colleges or R&D institutions, to build the Shenzhen biopharmaceutical innovation ecosystem and make contributions to the development of Shenzhen biopharmaceutical industry. Meanwhile, Xia Lei was concerned with matters faced by the Group that need to be supported by the government and asked relevant government departments to improve their services to help the development of enterprises. Leaders from Nanshan’s Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Development and Reform Commission, Science and Technology Innovation Bureau, and Enterprise Development Service Center all made positive responses respectively.