Annual General Meeting

Company News

China Medical System Holdings Ltd. (AIM: CMSH) is pleased to announce that at the Company‘s Annual General Meeting (AGM) successfully held in Macau on the morning of 30th April 2008, all seven resolutions proposed were duly passed. There are more 20 people including directors and senior management, important shareholders, members from the company’s Auditor, Nominated advisors and other PR companies taking part in CMS Annual General Meeting.

At the AGM, seven resolutions which are about the financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2007, the re-election of Directors, dividend and so on were all passed. Mr. Lam Kong also made the following statement:

“2007 was a momentous year for CMS. During the year, we successfully floated on AIM raising GBP10 million, achieved a good set of results by the double digit growth in sales of existing imported products and added 3 new products to our portfolio. The Company also made progress in the R&D pipeline, with notice from SFDA to conduct expanded clinical trials for CMS024, a treatment for primary liver cancer. In the beginning of 2008 we also in-licensed two new products (Nesiritide and Cystistat) enriching the Company’s portfolio.”