CMS Donated for Earthquake Victims

Company News

China Medical System Holdings Ltd (AIM: CMSH) donated totally 1,500,000 RMB for earthquake victims.

The earthquake that erupted in May 12th in Wenchuan CountySichuan Province has made the casualties about 30,000 until now. Millions of people became homeless and many of them are badly injured.

As a conscientious Chinese company, CMS have been very concerning about the victims. The company took its social responsibility and donated totally 1,500,000 RMB which including 500,000 RMB cash and 1,000,000 RMB medicines in May 14th 2008. The medicines have been airlifted to the disaster area right after the donation ceremony in order to save the victims as soon as possible.

CMS said fortunately it has no employee injured or died in this catastrophe, and the earthquake will do no harm to the company’s businesses.