CMS participates in 19th Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology

Company News

China Medical System Holdings Limited(AIM:CMSH) is pleased to announce its participation in 19th Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology held in 23-26 October 2008 in Beijing.

CMS sponsored the Congress and held the “rh-BNP Speaker Forum“ on 24th October. “rh-BNP“(Lyophilized Recombinant Human Brain Natriuretic Peptide) is one of the new products introduced by CMS in 2008.Experts from provincial Cardiovascular Soceity around China attended the conference and reached a consensus that rh-BNP has great significance as an emerging therapeutic drug for heart failure.

About Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology
The first Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology(GW-ICC) was held in 1990. GW-ICC is the most comprehensive academic program in China attracting more and more attendees and outstanding experts from over 30 countries, including USA, United Kingdom, Japan,etc. With the best of science covering epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases, basic research and clinic diagnosis management,the GW-ICC extends its great influence from China to the world. In 2008, around 8000 people, including about 300 foreign friends, have attended over 30 forums with different themes and 150 sessions in the congress.