Accredited as “State-level Hi-Tech Enterprise“

Company News

China Medical System Holdings Limited (AIM:CMSH) is pleased to announce that Kangzhe Pharmaceutical Research and Development (Shenzhen) Ltd., a subsidiary company of CMS, has been recently accredited as one of the first State-Level Hi-Tech Enterprises in 2008.

Undergoing strict examination and multi-level screening, CMS finally got through the evaluation and was accredited as “State-Level Hi-Tech Enterprise“ from thousands of former Hi-tech Enterprises depending on its powerful innovation abilities and so on.The accreditation indicates CMS‘s abilities of innovation and management as well as the market potential have been acknowledged by the State. It is a great encouragement to all members of CMS.

About the First State-Level Hi-Tech Enterprise of 2008
According to relative policies, the appraisal standards are much stricter than it used to be. The number of State-Level Hi-Tech Enterprises accredited in 2008 is about 1/4 of the number in 2007.The accredited State-Level Hi-Tech Enterprises could enjoy more actual preferential policies including deductions on income tax and governmental funds support. While most former Hi-tech Enterprises failed this time have no rights for preferential policies anymore.