CMS Participates in South China International Congress of Cardiology

Company News

China Medical System Holdings Limited (AIM:CMSH) is pleased to announce that the 11th South China International Congress of Cardiology (SCC) was hold in Guangzhou in 9-12 April, 2009, and during the conference, CMS sponsored the manuscript reviewing meeting of  Chinese Journal of Cardiology, the attendees of which were all authoritative experts in the cardiovascular field, including the initiators and leaders of the nationwide multi-centered Phase IV clinical trial of Nesiritide.

Mr. Hongbin Chen, the COO of CMS, also gave a speech in the meeting, appreciating the experts‘ support and contributions during the Phase IV clinical trial of Nesiritide and explaining the latest progress of the clinical trial. It has been one year since the announcement of the launch of Phase IV clinical trial of Nesiritide in the last SCC in April 2008, covering multi-centered clinical trials in 17 provinces and cities, recruiting 1176 patients up to April 8th, 2009. It is expected to finish 2000 patients‘ recruiting till July 31st 2009. The preliminary statistical result of the clinical trial has shown Nesiritide to be effective and safe.

About South China International Congress of Cardiology
The South China International Congress of Cardiology is co-sponsored by Publishing House and Further Education Department of Chinese Medical Association, cardiological professional committee of provinces, Hongkong College of Cardiology and Macau College of Cardiology in collaboration with the editorial department of South China Journal of Cardiology. The congress also extends its partnership with some international academic organizations this year, such as Heart Rhythm Society and American College of Cardiology.
The academic communications during the congress include professional lectures, surgery live demonstration, debates, expert conferences, paper announcement, wallpaper exchange and satellite symposiums, as well as training courses. By providing an important venue for academic exchange and discussion on hot issues, the congress has contributed significantly to the improvement in clinical treatment and cardiological development in China.