CMS-Falk City Symposium (term 34 to term 37)

Company News

In order to improve the domestic clinicians` understanding of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and enhance academic exchange between domestic and foreign scholars, from 29 May to 4 June 2011, the “CMS-Falk city symposium” (term 34 to term 37) was held in Hangzhou, Changsha, Shenyang and Taiyuan by the collaboration of CMS and Falk Foundation and more than 500 clinicians attended this academic activity across the country. German well-known expert, the president of the German Association of Gastroenterology Endoscopy and also the president of Berlin-Brandenburg Gastroenterology and Liver Disease Association, professor Hans-Joachim Schulz was invited to give a speech on the application of digestive endoscopy in the IBD diagnose for domestic experts that gained great acclaim. The brand image of Salofalk was successfully established through this symposium and our company image and influence was also enhanced. We believed that it is a good start for us to promote Salofalk in the second-tier cities.