“China Heart Failure Diagnosis and Treatment Guideline” Revision Experts / Young Physicians Symposium and Kick-off Meeting of Clinical Registeration of Xinhuosu

Company News

The conference was held at Sofit Hotel, beside the West Lake in Hangzhou, on December 16, 2012. The Heart Failure Research Group of the Cardiology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association organized about 40 experts from the east China to participate the conference. CMS exclusively sponsored of the conference.

The conference was held in the morning on December 16. During the meeting, all the experts reached a consensus on the effects of Xin huosu as the treatment to acute heart failure, and Xinhuosu will continuous be recommended as the first choice to treat heart failure.

The kick-off meeting of clinical registration research of Xinhuosu on the emergency clinical application was held in the afternoon of December 16. The Vice Present of Shenzhen Kangzhe and the Director of Marketing Department, Ms. San Manlin introduced the company and the promotion history of Xinhuosu, the heart failure medication, how the product from small to a branded product, which let participants have deeper understanding of the company as well as the product. Experts of the Heart Failure Research Group reported the clinical application progress of rhBNP and introduced the multicenter clinical study of the effects and safety of the application of rhBNP on acute heart failure and acute myocardial infarction. The meeting gave detailed introduction of the multicenter registration research program of effects and safety of Xinhuosu applying to acute heart failure, and also collected opinions from the participated experts .

The meeting let cardiovascular experts in the east China have deeper understanding of Xinhuosu, and established expert foundation for the promotion of Xinhuosu in the east China, as well as improved the company image and the brand image of Xinhuosu. At the end of meeting, Ms.Sa expressed that CMS will continue to support the work of Heart Failure Research Group like always, and hope the two parties can get further academic cooperation going forwards.