The Essay “Deanxit as the Treatment to Psychosomatic Diseases in the Digestive System”/ Case Collection Conference

Company News

The conference was held at eastern OCT, which located at Shenzhen Da Meisha, from December 7 to December 9, 2012. Over 20 experts from the Gastrointestinal Dynamics Group of the Chinese Medical Association and the editors of “The Chinese Journal of Digestion” participated the conference.

During the conference, the Vice-president of Shenzhen Kangzhe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Miss Sa Manlin, who is also the Director of Marketing Department, gave an introduction of CMS and the background and history of the clinical promotion of Deanxit in the digestive department, and the Product Manager of Deanxit Miss Wang Linlang also introduced the number and the type of essays that collected by the essay collection activity. Eventually, after the rigorous review, the experts totally selected 30 outstanding essays to prize.

Through the conference, not only enhanced the company image and the product image of Deanxit, but also provided gastroenterologists with an effective method to treat functional gastrointestinal disorders, as well as provided digestive psychosomatic disease patients with a direction to quickly relief emotional disorder. Meanwhile, it`s also built a consolidated foundation for Deanxit and digestive diseases experts to achieve further academic collaboration.