The 1st Palace Forum

Company News

The palace forum is a National academic conference which is host by Chinese psychiatrist Association(CPA) and Federation for mental health in general hospitals(Fed-MHIGH), undertake by the department of psychological medicine of Peking Union Medical College Hospital was held successfully in Beijing on December 21-22,2012.

The deanxit product group sponsored experts of tumor physiology and psychology face-to-face forum and the satellite will& lunch. Professor Xue-li Sun who come from Mental Health Center of West China hospital of Si-chuan university compered The satellite will, professor Li-li Tang of Beijing Cancer Hospital make a lecture about “psychosocial oncology and cancer therapy”. They affirm status of antidepressants in cancer therapy and the curative effect of deanxit. In the face-to-face forum, expert panel is composed of four professors: Rui-qi Liu, Xue-li Sun, Li-li Tang and Hong-yu Tang. They discussed with participants who are oncologists and psychology experts about the mental suffering and psychological needs of cancer patients. Both of them are in favor of “Tumor clinical need humanistic care and psychological intervention”. This is a step in Chinas tumor psychology because of that the psychology professional committee of Beijing Anti-Cancer Association was found in the meeting.

The palace forum is the first step of Deanxit goes forward to the department of oncology. The Deanxit will contribute to the development of tumor psychology.