“The psychosomatic diseases papers of Deanxit digestive treatment / case collection activities ”Reviewers Club News

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“The psychosomatic diseases papers of Deanxit digestive treatment  / case collection activities ”Reviewers Will held on December 7-9, 2012 in the beautiful east of OCT of Shenzhen’s  Da Meisha. More than 20 experts of Chinese Medical Association and edits of “the Chinese Journal of Digestion ” will participate this Reviewers Will.
In this Reviewers Will, Saman Lin, the Vice President and Marketing Director of Kangzhe in Shenzhen, carried out the background and history of Company and the Gastroenterology promotional clinical. Then, Miss Wang Linlang. the Products Division Manager introduced the number of manuscripts of collected essays and direction type of articles. Eventually, more than 20 experts under the auspices of Professor Yuan Yaozong screen to rigorous peer review to select out of 30 articles of first prize, second prize and third prize.
Through this event, it not only can enhance the image of company and Deanxit products but also can provide many digestion doctors a significant effect of treatment of functional gastrointestinal disorders. Moreover, it also provides the wider digestive psychosomatic disease patients the direction of a treatment to ease mood disorders quickly. Meanwhile, it lay a solid foundation in order to let the Deanxit and digestive diseases experts in academic to go farther.