The New Drug Production Base Construction Project of CMS was Listed on the 2013 Major Project Plan of Shenzhen

Company News

“2013 Major Project Plan of Shenzhen” has already been passed, our new drug production base construction project was listed on the plan again after the project was included in the major project of Shenzhen in 2011 and 2012, and the validity is from February 2013 to February 2014.

Shenzhen government will attach great importance to the major project plan. The projects which were listed on the plan, aside from enjoy the convenient policies on project planning, land using, constructing, and environment assessing etc., the government will also implement several management systems to provide considerable services with the major projects to ensure them be progressed smoothly.

The new drug production base of Shenzhen Kangzhe is located at Pingshan New District in Shenzhen, with approximately 36,422.4 square meters, which will be used to produce the National Class One New Drug-Tyroserleutide (CMS024), a polypeptide used to treat liver cancer and the Group owns the independent intellectual property rights of the new drug. The economic benefit and social benefit of the project is very huge, not only benefit liver cancer patients, but also benefit the development of the Chinese health care industry.