Tianjin Kangzhe 2012 Annual Sales Conference and the Staff Meeting

Company News

Tianjin Kangzhe 2012 annual sales conference was held in Tianjin from January 14th to January 15th, 2013. The theme of the conference is mainly regarding to the XiDaKang (Protein Hydrolysate Oral Solution/Oral Protein Hydrolysate), which is the key product that the company will pay attention to promote in 2013. It was the great honor that the CEO of the Group, Mr. Lam Kong presented the conference.

The Chairman of Tianjin Kangzhe Mr. Yang Bing addressed a speech at the beginning of the conference that he explained the theme and the purpose of the conference. Then, the CEO of the Group Mr. Lam Kong deployed the marketing strategy of XiDaKang. The Sales Director of Tianjin Kangzhe reported the sales situation in 2012, and gave a detailed plan and arrangement for the sales and management in 2013.

The staff meeting was held after the annual sales conference. The Chairman of Tianjin Kangzhe Mr. Yang Bing summarized the work of 2012, and planned the future development of 2013. We also prised the “Best Seller”, “Excellent Staff” and “Excellent Department” in the conference. Mr. Lam Kong represented the Group to appreciate the contribution that made by the Tianjin Kangzhe, and he believed the integration of Tianjin Kangzhe and Shenzhen Kangzhe was gradually getting better, and he also hoped the two companies can get deeper integration going forwards. Tianjin Kangzhe and Shenzhen Kangzhe will work together to achieve the Group`s long-term goal in the future.