Company News

    The 69th PHARMCHINA, organized by the Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions, was held at Wuhan International Expo Center from April 25 to April 27, 2013. The fair attracted more than 2,000 domestic and overseas enterprises. The fair was made up of 10 forums and over 100 speeches which were given by the government, associations, experts and corporate leaders.

    Leaders of Tianjin Kangzhe, Marketing Department, Market Management Department and Sales Department, totally 17 people attended the fair. By the opportunity, Tianjin Kangzhe held a conference for the agent recruitment for XiDaKang (Protein Hydrolysate Oral Solution/Oral Protein Hdrolysate) and Yin Lian Qing Gan Ke Li. The conference fully explained the advantages and characteristics of the 2 products which successfully caught eye-balls of agents.

    Through the participation of the drug fair, Tianjin Kangzhe successfully enhanced the company image, promoted the product brands, built a platform for the market expansion, as well as showed the company strengths to the industry.