Academic Lecture for Recognition and Treatment of Intractable Diseases in General Hospitals

Company News

    Wu Aiqin Kunming lecture was held at the Grand Park Hotel in Kunming on March 23, 2013. The theme of the conference is recognition and treatment of intractable diseases in general hospitals. Professor Wu Aiqin from the First Affiliated Hospital of Medical School of Suzhou University addressed an academic report, the director and the former director of neurology department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University Wang Wenmin and Pu Daoxue chaired the meeting.

    The lecture is the continuation of the 2012 Wu Aiqin Kunming lecture, and the feedback of last year was pretty good. Based on the lecture of last year, the professor gave deeper explanation of how to identify some kinds of intractable diseases and how to communicate with patients, and he also shared his experience on the application of Deanxit as the treatment to some intractable diseases and emphasized the importance of Deanxit in this field.

    After the lecture, many doctors expressed that they got deeper understanding of psychosomatic diseases and we also established closer relationship with them, which achieved triple-win situation among doctors, patients and the company.