CMS successfully signed an Exclusive Promotion and Distribution Agreement for Stimol? with Biocodex

Company News

    China Medical System Holdings Limited (the “Group”) signed an agreement with its important long-term partner Biocodex for its product Stimol® on 12 June 2013. According to the agreement, the Group through its wholly-owned subsidiary gained the exclusive license right of the product in the People’s Republic of China from Biocodex, including the exclusive right to import, register, distribute, sell, market and promote the product in China.

    Stimol® is mainly used for the treatment of weakness and tiredness induced by various diseases, such as acute infections, chronic diseases, operations etc., and long-time fatigue and over-exertion and so on. The product has been marketed in more than 50 countries and areas in the world, and currently, there is no drug containing the same ingredients as Stimol® in the Chinese market, therefore this product has great potential in China.