The First Regional Manager Meeting of North China Region of Shenzhen Kangzhe in 2013

Company News

    The first regional manager meeting of north China region was held successfully at PingShan Wild Original Resort in ShiJiazhuang from 21 May to 22 May. The manager of the north China region, regional managers, district managers, promotion managers, business managers, assistants and four employees from Shijiazhuang area, totally 42 people participated the meeting.

    All the participants gained lots of information and knowledge, and the manager of the north China region, Mr. Zhao Wengui summarized the meeting in a sentence: “If we don’t break the old rule, we can never find a new world, we must learn other people`s strengths and learn how to accommodate changes ”. The north China region will closely follow the Group`s development strategy and achieve the growth together with the Group and their staff.