The First Regional Manager Meeting of Northwest Region of Shenzhen Kangzhe in 2013

Company News

    The first regional manager meeting of northwest region was held in Xinjing from 8 June to 10 June 2013. The manager of the northwest region, regional managers, district managers, promotion managers, totally 10 people participated the meeting.

    Through the meeting, the northwest region further strengthened market strategies, product layout and human resource plan, and the province managers reported the current sales situation, hospital coverage and staff allocation, and the meeting also reviewed and adjusted the annual market promotion activity plan which based on the current market situation.

    The meeting provided the regional managers of the northwest, which lead by Mr. Song Zhangang, with an opportunity to exchange and share their experience, which enhanced the cohesive force and executive force of the whole team and found a foundation to achieve rapid sales growth of the northwest region going forwards.