Xi`an International Summit on Liver Diseases and 2013 Annual Meeting of Shaanxi Association for the Study of Liver Diseases

Company News

    The summit was held by the Shaanxi Province Medical Association and hepatology branch of Shaanxi Province Medical Association, and co-hosted by Xijing Hospital in Xi∮an from 19 April to 21 April. Famous liver disease experts from North America, Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou etc. attended the summit. The summit addressed reports and lectures which targeted the current hotspots and difficult problems in liver disease field and clinical research, and participants discussed and exchanged their perspectives very actively, which provided hepatology experts and scholars with a platform to communicate and exchange their experiences and ideas.

    Shenzhen Kangzhe exclusively sponsored the gala dinner of the summit, and comprehensively promoted the product brand of Ursofalk and effectively enhanced the image and reputation of the company, as well as consolidated the expert network of Ursofalk, which will facilitate the marketing and promotion of the product in the national market.