Tianjin Kangzhe 2013 InterimSales Conference

Company News

    The conference was held in Tianjin on 31July, 2013. The CEO of the Group,the Director of the CEO`s office and other relevant personnel from the Groupparticipatedin the conference. Tianjing Kangzhe analyzed the sales situation of the first half of 2013 and also planed sales for the second half year during the conference. The Marketing Department of Tianjn Kangzhe also analyzed and planedmarket situation for some key products in term of data analysis and promotional activities. Both the CEO of the Group and the Chairman of Tianjin Kangzhe addressed an important speech during the conference. Mr Lam Kong, the CEO of the Group gave an in-depth explanation of “the promotion”, and he also pointed out the importance ofmarket positioning during the conference.

    Through the work summary of the first half of 2013, Tianjin Kangzhe found problems and formulated solutions, andthey believe, through the hard work and solidarity, they will make a perfect performance in the second half of 2013.