Tianjin Kangzhe Strategic Partners Conference and The 3td Product Training of XiDaKang

Company News

The Conference was held in Tianjin Meidu Hotel on July 27, 2013. Tianjin Kangzhe together with its strategic partners to discuss and explore development strategies for the future growth, and also formulate market strategies for the product-XiDaKang.

During the conference, the General Manager of Tianjin Kangzhe, Ms. Feng Yuchun shared the achievements of Tianjin Kangzhe with conference participants and reviewed the evolutions of XiDaKang from 2011 to present. The Project Director of XiDaKang, Mr. Song Naifeng introduced the company philosophy of CMS and the future strategic plan of the product. Tianjing Kangzhe also held product knowledge training of XiDaKang by the chance of this conference, and the product group introduced the basic product knowledge and clinical application of XiDaKang and organized a test after the training. In addition, Tianjing Kangzhe invited a famous nutrition expert to give a report regarding to the clinical nutrition on 28 July.