Biocodex SPOT International Strategic Meeting

Company News

    Biocodex has already marketed Bioflor-Saccharomyces boulardii globallyover 52 years. Innovative promotion is critical for a brand to maintain its vitality. In terms of this, Biocodex createdthe “SPOT International Strategic Meeting", and the main participants areproduct managers and marketers of its partners fromthe world top 20 best-selling countries.

    Because of the strong sales growth of Bioflor in Asian countries, especially in China, this is the first time that the SPOT meeting has been held in Asia-HongKong,China from 8 October to 10 October 2013, and this is the second time that CMS was attended the meeting.CMS had the honor to be a host to hold a gala dinner in Hong kong to welcome participants,that indicated  the leadership of CMS in the dinner.

    The theme of the meeting in this year is “Altitude Project-The Life Cycle Management of Bioflor”. The meeting organizer invited an expert to give a speech to introduce the “6 Step Analysis Method” for life cycle management of probiotics and also to share experiences and stories regarding to the promotion of probiotics in international market.

    The 4-day meeting was very successful. Participants not only gained new conceptions on marketing and promotion, but also gained the happiness from thoughtcollision.