Tianjin Kangzhe Held a Symposium for XiDaKang’s Agents

Company News

Tianjin Kangzhe held a symposium for agents of partial provinces of XiDaKang on February 20th, 2014.

During the symposium, a long-term partnership program of XiDaKang was proposed. The program centers with the product, with the aim of long-term cooperation and reciprocal win-win which can fully protect the agents’ rights. In order to meet the needs for business development, the IT department of the Group in particular developed an electronic information supporting system for the program.

Participants of the symposium were in favor of this long-term partnership program and expressed great enthusiasm to the product, which delivered their confidences to become strategic partners with CMS.

This meeting laid a favorable foundation for business model transformation of Tianjing Kangzhe as well as fast market expansion of XIDaKang.