Cross-Strait Medicine Communication and Cooperation Conference

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The 2014 Cross-Strait Medicine Communication and Cooperation Conference——the 4th Cross-Strait Hepatopathy Forum and the Annual Meeting for the Liver Experts of Cross-Strait Medicine Communication Association were held in Fuzhou on 19 July 2014. Nearly 300 Cross-Strait experts attended the conference.

Zhuang Hui (the academician of the Engineering Academy), Jian Rongnan (Keelung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital), and Professor Liu Jingfeng (Chairman of the Association of Liver Disease) made the welcome and opening address and occupied the chairman of the conference, and Professor Chen Chengwei occupied the executive chairman.

The conference covered the discussion of hepatitis b, hepatitis c, chronic liver disease, drug-induced liver disease, fatty liver, alcoholic liver disease, cholestasis, liver disease, liver cancer, stem cells and so on. The participating experts fully affirmed and appraised the depth and breadth of the conference as well as the highly professional sharing of the speakers. Everyone showed great enthusiasm and support in promoting the development in hepatopathy of the cross-strait. It is believed that this will bring new possibilities and future cooperative opportunities in the field of liver disease research.