No.77-80 CMS-Falk Symposiums (Chronic Liver Disease)

Company News

To further improve the domestic eastern clinicians’ awareness of autoimmune liver disease, enhance the ability of diagnosis and treatment of related diseases, promote academic exchanges between scholars and maintain the national experts network, China Medical System Holdings Limited and Germany Falk Foundation co-hosted the CMS–Falk symposium (NO.77-80) —“Chronic liver disease”, in Nanjing, Suzhou, Wenzhou and Tianjin from September 6th to September 14th, 2014. It is reported that more than 600 clinicians from all over the country attended the CMS -Falk symposiums.
Prof. Gerald Ulrich Denk, University of Munich liver transplant centers and MunichLiver Centercounselor, was invited to highlight the latest progress in diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune liver disease in the symposiums. The excellent reports and clinical cases, heated discussions raised great interest among the attending clinicians, which was widely praised by participants.

CMS-Falk Symposiums effectively facilitated the exchange of domestic and international famous experts and scholars through introducing well-known speakers, which further strengthened the recognition of national experts on the of UDCA.