2014 United European Gastroenterology Week (UEGW)

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United European Gastroenterology(UEG)is a professional non-profit organization,which combines all related advanced technology of digestive system diseases in European society, including internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics and gastrointestinal tumor endoscopy

UEG Week(UEGW)has become the most famous congress of intestinal tract disease in Europe since the first annual meeting in 1992. Great amount of doctors, researchers and scholars from all over the world attend it every year
The 22th UEGW was held in Vienna on 18th-22th October 2014. Over 14,000 participators communicated heated topics on endoscopy, digestive, liver disease and surgery, along with 406 reports and 1721 posters. Participators
thought it a successful congress which expanded the research field and promoted advanced progress. With current rapid medicine development, international academic exchanges have aroused wide concern among many doctors and scholars.