China Medical System Designated as Constituent of MSCI China Index

Company News

In November 2014, China Medical System Holdings was pleased to announce that the Group would be added to the MSCI China Index and would be effective after the market close, November 25, 2014 EST.

MSCI, short for Morgan Stanley Capital International, is a leading international provider of global indexes and related derivatives, with its MSCI index widely used by investors. Investment professionals all over the world , including portfolio managers, brokers, securities exchange, investment advisors, scholars and financial media are using the MSCI Index.

MSCI China Index, which covers China H shares, B shares, Red chip as well as large and medium-cap shares of private enterprise, accounted for around 85% of Chinese shares. Other constituents of MSCI China index includes Tencent, CMCC, and large state-owned banks such as CCB and ICBC. , The constituent shares of MSCI China Index will reach 140 after this adjustment.