The 8th Chinese Conference on Oncology

Company News

On September 11th to 14th 2014, the 8th Chinese Conference on Oncology & the 13th Cross-Strait Academic Conference on Oncology was held in Shandong Jinan, hosted by Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, Oncology Branch of Chinese Medical Association, co-organized by Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), organized by Shandong Anti-Cancer Association and Shandong Cancer Hospital. About 4000-5000 domestic and foreign well-known experts and doctors participated in this event. The meeting set up more than 30 branc field, organized by relevant professional committee.

Tianjin Kangzhe with the focus on the meeting of Oncology Nutrition and Supportive Treatment Branch, promoted the product. In the nutritional therapy of tumor PPT, Profession Shi Hanping pointed out,∮Short peptide preparation contains hydrolyzed protein, without digestion, rapid absorption, improve nitrogen balance faster than others, especially on the incomplete digestive function patients, such as early stage after operation, radiotherapy and chemotherapy and elderly patients.∮

The meeting promoted the visibility of Oral Hydrolyzed protein in tumor patients∮ nutritional support, greatly improved the academic promotion of Xidakang-Oral Hydrolyzed protein in Shangdong.

During the meeting, Tianjin Kangzhe communicated with experts about the writing of “Protein in Clinical Nutrition” book, GNT training arrangements, and the education of doctors and patients etc that based a good foundation of further in-depth cooperation.