KAGN ZHE was awarded the Nanshan District “Green Channel” enterprise

Company News

Recently, CMS was awarded Nanshan District “Green Channel” enterprise. The period of validity is from the year 2014 to 2016.

“Green channel” business activities was carried out within the whole Nanshan area, started from the year 1998 by Nansan District. And the final awards list came from enterprise which enjoy express service issued by the city∮s municipal government, Top Hundred Taxpaying Company of Nanshan District, Industry Hundred Enterprises,
Nanshan District Headquarters Corporate, Top exporting 20 companies, Leading Private Enterprises, Key Logistics Enterprises, Retail 20 Companies, Services Industry 50 Enterprises. The principle is each audit, One-vote negation.

The enterprises which were classified as “green channel” will be issued a “green passport” by Nanshan district government. All the “green channel” enterprises can enjoy a priority, high-quality, concessions and convenient service.

Shenzhen Kangzhe got the “Green Channel Enterprise” certificate with” Nanshan District Headquarters Corporate”. It shows the recognition and support of Nanshan District Government for Shenzhen Kangzhe. And will provide a great convenience for enterprises development in the future. It is also another success achieved by the joint efforts of the whole company. This prize would ensure the company∮s continued rapid and stable development.