Shenzhen Kangzhe was Awarded “Top 100 Enterprises of Shenzhen in 2014”

Company News

“Top 100 Enterprises of Shenzhen in 2014” campaign has been completed, which was organized by “ShenZhen Enterprise Confederation” and “Shenzhen Economic Daily”. The “Shenzhen Economic Daily” officially published the result on 23, December, 2014. Shenzhen Kangzhe was awarded the prize with excellent sales performance, enterprise image and recognized social influence. (Ranked 79th in 2014, ranked 93th in 2013)

With significant achievements, innovative ideas, Shenzhen Kangzhe has been awarded five times since 2009. This is a proof of high-speed growth and the motivation of the future development.

In the New Year, all staffs in the company work together, maintain a high degree of enthusiasm and spirit, struggle to make Shenzhen Kangzhe go faster, fly higher, and strive for the ideal!