Chinese standardized Oncological nutrition training program–Goal Nutrition Therapy for Cancer Patients (GNT, TianJin)

Company News

A seminar of Chinese Standardized Oncological Nutrition Training Program–Goal Nutrition Therapy for Cancer Patients (GNT, TianJin) organized and launched by China Anti-Cancer Association,Society for Oncological Nutrition and Supportive Care was held at the Tianjin Cancer Hospital on March 14th, 2015. About 200 doctors attended the seminar. The product of Tianjin Kangzhe XiDaKang–Oral Protein Hydrolysate was well propagandized through the forms of products exhibition and so on. Meanwhile, we communicated effectively with the domestic well-known experts in the field of nutrition during the meeting, which laid a good foundation for the construction of experts network of hydrolyzed protein.