CMS acquired two new products– Combizym and Hirudoid

Company News

At 6:00 p.m. 25 March, 2015 (Swiss local time), CMS entered into the Asset Purchase Agreement with DKSHI, pursuant to which CMS will own Combizym in China, Hong Kong and Switzerland, and certain other designated countries or areas in Asia, Hirudoid in China, including all Trademarks regarding the Products; all market authorizations or similar licenses, certificates or approvals regarding the Products in the Territory and all rights, benefits or other interests obtained; the exclusive right and title to develop, manufacture, register, apply for registration, import, market, distribute, sell or otherwise use and/or exploit the Products; and all Books and Records, Commercial Information and Medical Information related to the Products. The aggregate consideration for the Purchased Assets is CHF76.6 million payable in cash.

The Products have significant market potential as the exclusive Products, Combizym and Hirudoid have wide application to the general population, comprehensive medical and clinical materials and have proven to be effective treatments. At the same time, the introduction of these Products complement the Group∮s existing product portfolio and will enrich the Group∮s existing product offerings in therapeutic areas. Combizym can significantly enrich the Group∮s portfolio in the gastrointestinal offerings while the Group∮s existing portfolio of dermatology may be further improved by Hirudoid. Through the integration of existing products∮ resources with the excellent, exclusive imported products, the Group will be able to utilise its existing, powerful promotion network to make the Products to become key products of the Group; Through the acquisition of the Products∮ assets, the Group will be able to strengthen its control and stability in respect of the Products and to ensure there is room for development of future profit margins; This collaboration with DKSH will strengthen the Group∮s strategic co- operation with leading multi-national businesses which is in line with the Group∮s long term development plans and strategic development.