The 73rd Pharm China

Company News

On May 15 2015, Tianjin Kangzhe participated in the 73rd Pharm China in National Convention and Exhibition Center (shanghai)which is of the biggest scale and widest influence in the domestic pharmaceutical industry. The convention lasted for 3 days.

By using the wechat public platform “Nutrition ABC”, Tianjin Kangzhe pushed Pharm China and key products information in advance and then pushed again by the wechat moments which maximize the dissemination of the information. During the exhibition, we specially carried out an activity of which by wechat QR code scan to follow the public account“Nutrition ABC” for the key product hydrolyzed protein,
Special booth highlighted the company∮s strategy product—Xidakang. In the booth, the VCR of CMS Group,VCR of Tianjin Kangzhe and the PPTs of other products were cycle played in the video. As the distributors inquired the company’s products information, our staff at the booth reception initiatively recommended our keyproducts such as oral hydrolyzed protein, YinLianQingGanKeli to them. We received more than 300 agents’ contact information and the types of products of their intention, Meanwhile, more followers to the “”Nutrition ABC” which had greatly enriched the company∮s agents information database.

By participating the 73rd Pharm China in Shanghai with special booth, Tianjin Kangzhe effectively showcased the company∮s strength, greatly enhanced the brand image of the company and products, fully demonstrated the good spirit of employees, as well as built more channels to explore the market.