The 7th China Heart Failure Academic Conference

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On June 13, the 7th China Heart Failure Academic Conference &”CMS?Xinhuosu Seminar of Heart Failure Cases was soloenmly held at the Jingyue hall of Sheraton Changchun Jingyuetan hotel. Professor Jiefu Yang and Yugang Dong, who were known as famous experts in the field of heart failure, attended and hosted this seminar. Doctors who attended this conference all indicated this kind of seminar about cases are helpful for the communication of clinical drug-use, and also with practical instructional meaning for clinical drug-use, which made the doctors very interested in the treatment of Xinhuosu for heart failure.

Through selecting different types of heart failure patients, the clinical cases discussion shared and exchanged experiences of drug-use of Xinhuosu This not only provided an opportunity to the experts and scholars to communicate, more importantly, it deepened the knowledges and recognitions of the doctors for Xinhuosu, which further improved the confidence for the doctors to use Xinhuosu in clinical prescriptions.