The 21th Dermatology Academic Annual Meeting Of Chinese Medical Association

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The 21th Dermatology Academic Annual Meeting and the 2015 International Forum Dermatology Genetics Chinese Medical Association was hosted in Hefei, Anhui Province during 16th to 19th, July, 2015. During the meeting, nearly 3,000 overseas delegates gathered to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese Medical Association and the 78th anniversary of Dermatovenereology chapter. In two and a half days of meeting, provided representatives a both high-end and focus foundamental,, and the relation between academic and public welfare, with old and new experts enhance each others, meeting site climaxes academic feast.

This meeting is the first time for CMS to show in dermatology related meetings, which attracted a large number of dermatologists going to the booth. It had not only increased large numbers of doctors’ attention to Tanshinone capsules and Hirudoid, but also enhanced the visibility of CMS and opened up the situation of CMS in dermatology department.