Value of nearly two million drugs and cash were donated by Kangzhe Pharmaceutical for Tianjing explosion accident of aid

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8 ? 12 Tianjin Binhai New Area explosion is affecting the heart of all the CMS staffs far from South China Sea. In 13th, August, CMS Group officially announced to donate worth more than 1,300,000 drugs – Hirudoid and Deanxit and RMB500,000 in cash to Tianjin Red Cross through Chinese Red Cross, for the explosion accident rescue.

Around 23:30, 12th of August, the explosion occurred in the dangerous goods warehouse owned by Tianjin Tanggu Dongjiang Bonded Port Ruihai International Logistics Limited in Tianjin Binhai New Area Development Zone.Informed of the accident in the first time, CMS Group contacted Kang Zhe Kang Zhe subsidiary Tianjin and Shenzhen Kangzhe , Tianjing Area to ensure all the employees were safe from the explosion accident.

Subsequently, CMS Group decided to donate 20,000 boxes Hirudoid for repairing burn scars, 10,000 boxes Deanxit for the reconstruction of disaster psychology, and RMB500,000 in cash. Meanwhile, the Group maintains a close connection with the State Planning Commission and Tianjing local health care institutions. We will firstly take action, once they need CMS’s further assistance,From the people, benefit the people, and give back to society. As a Hong Kong-listed company, CMS has been dedicated to human and social health care, and actively participate in various humanitarian assistance activities. Including assistance to Indonesia tsunami, Wenchuan earthquake, Nepal earthquakes, and donated to the poor mountainous areas many times, and truly embodies the “difficult one P Plus support” humanitarian spirit, and obtained recognition from relevant departments and public ganizations.

Through the love passing, CMS hope more people in need to get timely rescue, Great Love without borders, a long way to go! We have been working hard.